(1)Whats the difference between Surfaces and Materials
Understanding the Surface Panel.

(2)Lightwave's newbie in Messiah Land.
Possible HangUps when coming from Lightwave to Messiah.

(3)ShaderFlow Walkthru/Tutorial
Fake SSS followthru

(4)Setting up Environment

Infinite Ground Plane, FOG and Background

(5)Using Radiance and BasicShaderNode

(6)RenderGroups and SphereLights

(7) Reflections (coming soon)

(8) Global Illumination tips (See Gary)

Download section 1 - 5 as a PDF
This file is dated Dec 11, 2004

(9) Chris Reid Zbrush to Messiah PDF
Getting your from Zbrush, painted and into Messiah:Studio



Lightwave Project/Workflow
Notes for lookouts and procedure when animating
with messiah:animate or messiah:studio Pro

Pose System
(Video*) 40 MB LowAudio.
Groups, Item Filter and Using Poses

Motion Dynamics: (coming soon)

A. Phat Jiggle (coming soon)
A Classic

B. Updated Adventures of Cape Clutz (coming soon)
Rigging a cape for realtime animating


Updated: July 15, 2005

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to right click and "Save as"